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A Lithuanian charity ball in London celebrated the quarter-century anniversary of Lithuania’s independence and raised funds to be donated for suicide prevention.

The ball, organized by the LCCUK, the Lithuanian Embassy and business sponsors, was held in the Dorchester hotel, in London’s Mayfair, on November 6. Funds, collected from event tickets and an auction sale, will be donated to Youth Line (Jaunimo linija), an emotional support helpline for people who need help.

“This is an interesting and meaningful evening, not just because of the programme. People who are here create great atmosphere. We hope that, with everyone’s effort, we will be able to contribute to the work of Youth Line. I thank everyone for being here. By being here, you are already helping,” – said LCCUK president Egonas Jakimavičius who opened the ball.
Egonas Jakimavicius LCCUK president


The programme included performances by singers Giedre Kilčiauskienė and Laura Zigmantaitė as well as a piano recital by Vytautas Landsbergis, the former head of state of Lithuania.

The charity auction offered paintings by Lithuanian artists, a helicopter ride across Lithuania and many other different prizes. The Green Line, a painting by Martynas Kavolis, fetched the biggest sum, over GBP 2,000. Another piece of art, Golden by Kristina Ališauskaitė, was sold for GBP 1,100. In all, the charity ball raised some GBP 20,000, all of which will help Youth Line maintain around-the-clock helpline for troubled young people in Lithuania.


The very essence of Lithuanian Independence has enabled Lithuanians throughout the world to remain as one unified global community. London and the UK, which is home to over 200,000 Lithuanians, is integral to this extended Lithuanian network and we are proud of our homeland’s heritage and culture and proud to be a key part of British society, business, industry and the art.

This 25th anniversary year shows that we have come far since the Restoration of Independence but that there is still more work to do. In contemporary society, we strive for the same ideals as back then. This includes furthering the development of equality and humanitarian principles to achieve a sense of place, belonging and happiness for all. These universal sentiments transcend time and place and remain as relevant today as they were twenty-five years ago.

LCCUK and the British-Lithuanian community continue to promote these values and remain dedicated to supporting industry, education and charitable causes in Lithuania and the UK.



EU official, adviser to the president of the European Parliament, Belgium’s Lithuanians community president, Brussels Debate Club founder and moderator.



She has marvellous voice of unique sweet timbre, bright and wide palette, perfect pitch andwell-dosed power, but there is something more that makes her performances so memorable and emotionally valid – intelligence and good taste. Giedre was well-know for wide audiences of Lithuania and abroad as the lead vocalist of hip and extremely popular electro-punk bands „Milky Lasers“ and „Empti“ for some years, recently is heard in acoustic settings with jazz, bossa nova and sung poetry flavours.


Mezzo-soprano opera singer with international awards and roles in a wide variety of operas. Laura debuted at Klaipeda musical theatre in Lithuania and now she is studding the subtleties of the opera performance in Royal Academy of Music in London.


Jaunimo Linija link
Jaunimo Linija is a free and confidential 24-hour emotional support service for children and young people in Lithuania, providing help and advice when they need it most.

Jaunimo Linija enables children and young people to share their burdens, difficulties or challenges, dealing with any issue which causes them distress or concern from bullying, mental illness and abuse to matters concerning family, relationships and substance misuse.

“Jaunimo Linija” volunteers answer calls and emails 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The helpline is often the only available source of emotional support for children and young people – particularly at night, weekends and for those in small towns and villages.

The charity answers over 300 telephone calls every day. However it receives five times more call attempts than it is able to answer.

In a country with one of the highest suicide rates in the world, Jaunimo Linija is striving to answer the call of each and every child and young person and believes that timely emotional support is imperative.

As a non-governmental, non-profit organisation, Jaunimo Linija relies upon financial support to provide timely and high quality emotional support on a 24/7 basis, to train volunteers, to expand its service as a matter of urgency and answer every call.

More information: www.jaunimolinija.ltjaunimolinijabanner2



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