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The Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom

About us

The Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom (LCCUK) is dedicated to assisting businesses in the UK and Lithuania to establish connections with each other for the purpose of easier international trade. Throughout the year, LCCUK arranges a varied program of the events enabling members and our guests to come together and connect to help further working relationships. Each year we hold several large events such as an Annual Ambassador’s Golf Tournament and LCCUK Annual Charity Gala event and many other.

LCCUK main objectives are to promote and extend by all lawful means trade and commerce, industry, science, agriculture and shipping between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Lithuania. We provide and extend all kind of services necessary to facilitate these objects.

LCCUK promotes, organizes and holds exhibitions, charity events, sports tournaments and networking events and assists and cooperates with public and private bodies and persons in the promotion, organization and holding such events.

LCCUK promotes commerce, industry trade and transport industries and in that connection fosters industrial trade and professional enterprises of all kinds in Republic of Lithuanian and elsewhere in the UK.

LCCUK provides and develops business services to members, the international and national Chambers.

LCCUK promotes and participates in trade missions and encourages and support employment initiatives for the start up of businesses and enterprises. We act as advertising agents and promote Lithuanian Businesses here in UK and worldwide.

LCCUK develops and provides business links in the British and Lithuanian communities to develop their businesses and foster working relationships both within and outside the UK that will achieve the greatest prosperity for the members and its people and to stimulate public awareness of business interest here in UK and Lithuania.

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Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom Limited. Address: Lithuania House, 2 Bessborough Gardens, London SW 1V 2JE, United Kingdom
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